E-PRANCE Luggage Scale is a must for people who frequently travel by plane or train. Having it in hand means you know how much your luggage weighs in advance. Thus you don't need to repack or even pay extra fees at the checkpoint.


  • Auto Power-Off, no need to worry about it may waste power for nothing.
  • Tare Function makes it easy to know the net weight of your luggage precisely.
  • Lock Weight - Once the reading is stable, display locks it for easy reading.
  • Low battery indicator gives you notice to ensure your scale is ready when you need it.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display with backlit is readable even in darkness.
  • User friendly regardless of what measurement system you use.

How to Use

  • Click the power button once to turn it on and several more times to choose your preferred weight unit;
  • Attach the strap or hook to a handle on the luggage and lift it by holding the scale;
  • Read the weight on the digital display when it's stable;
  • If you want to know the net weight, weigh the container first likewise. When the reading is stable, click the button once for tare function. When the reading turns into zero, put the subject in, the reading in stable state shows net weight.


  • Remove the insulating piece from the battery before the first use.
  • This scale can't weigh stuff over 50 kg.

Specification Size: 130x32x20mm; Screen size: 30*16mm; Weight: 71g (1x CR2032 lithium battery); Material: ABS plastic

Region Heilbronn